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It’s not pleasant, but I’m glad

160/110cm 2022

In service of our roles

66/48cm 2021

Watered with rain

95/110cm 2021

Moderation of pleasure

100/160cm 2021

Let no one hear our cry

120/80cm 2021

I’m dancing In my head

95/75cm 2021

This year, tere will be no strawberries

110/80cm 2021


70-50cm 2020


55-110 cm 2020

Lead to sleep

120/90cm 2020

The morning of foreign gestures

130/75cm 2020

Tell you my dream?

110-80cm 2020

Two handfuls of cherries

90-114 cm 2020

They often use the elements

116-160cm 2020

Momentary disturbances

116-80cm 2020

And at night I dream of paradise

115-150cm 2020

At this moment other people’s words mean nothing

130/75cm 2020


66/48cm 2019

Where the sun falls to the ground

45/55cm 2019

Only friends on your mind

30/20cm 2019

I knowi it so well

32/45cm 2019

Take a deep breath

36/54cm 2018

Behind closed eyes

40/30cm 2018

Today my sentences are not so simple

37/45cm 2018

I know, but I can’t change it

21/30cm 2017

You think everything in your life must be exciting

31/37cm 2017

When we meet

24/37cm 2017

Girl’s fun

33/58cm 2017

Sometimes we touch that other world

90/129cm 2016

Unwanted defects

21/43cm 2016 sold


37/26 cm 2016

Long night ahead of us

28/57cm 2016

I was half asleep, come to me

68/38cm 2016 sold

Start all over, once again

120/180cm 2016 sold

There is no water in the lake

114/180cm 2016

Nature did not notice the lack

114/140cm 2016

When the measures and role models to follow, evaporate

120/160cm 2016 sold

What you fear the most, becomes the reality

65/100cm 2013

Do you remeber the feeling ?

100/130cm 2013

The dream of evil fantasy

100/125cm 2013


100/120cm 2013 sold

Awake In the morning, numb and frozen

55/100cm 2013

Till you become pale and cold, until you wticher away

75/45cm 2013 sold


130/100cm 2013

Good intentions

75/100cm 2013 sold

When I don’t want to feel, I hold my breath

120/70cm 2013 sold


75/90cm sold 2013

I hear, I touch, I feel

110/125cm 2013

The moment between

100/120cm 2013 sold

The state of focus

100/120cm 2013

What reaches it’s peak later has to die

60/57cm sold 2012

Repeated again, from the beginning, by the same pattern

55/70cm 2012